Youth Alive

Youth Alive, Trinidad

Youth Alive is an Evangelistic unit organized by Seventh-day Adventist youth who were challenged by their religious leaders to be a part of the force for positive change in their country. This challenge came in 2003 at a “Trailblazers” camp for youth hosted by the Caribbean Union. Taking a cue from the term “Trailblazers” and also being exposed to the National Youth Policy of Trinidad and Tobago, the concept of ministry to “At-Risk” youth through a “Youth Alive Center” evolved. 

The ‘Youth Alive’ concept originated from the Health Department of the General Conference of SDA. The Concept of the ‘Center’ originated as one of the fifteen (15) points implementation plan of the Trinidad and Tobago Youth Policy. Both concepts were merged and modified for SDA youth to attract, redirect and alter the values of ‘at-risk youth’.

Youth Alive is registered as an NGO with the Ministry of Legal Affairs, the Ministry of Gender, Children and Youth Affairs, the National Youth Council of Trinidad and Tobago, the Ministry of Community Development and the Network of the Civil Society.

Youth Alive has hosted numerous projects to date, including: Primary data collection, Health evaluations, Youth workshops on Lifestyle choices, School presentations, HIV/AIDS education mini-seminars, a Proposal Writing Seminar, a Peer Counsellor’s Course and a Concert featuring an international Gospel artiste. These have been done along the East -West Corridor and on the North Coast of Trinidad. Youth Alive has also made several television and radio appearances to share and promote their vision:

“Building Strong Youth Today - Avoids Repairing Adults Tomorrow.


Owing to the nature of the proposed intervention in the lives of the “at-risk’ youth, Youth Alive, the NGO, remains a separate legal entity from the South Caribbean Conference of SDA, although it continues to share the worldview and philosophy. However, the Trailblazers, the minds behind the ministry, remain a unit in the SDA Youth Ministries Department.